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"Whether it’s a client or a coach, the secret to success is being ALIGNED with others who are ALIGNED with you.  The Staff at RE Business Advisors is in ‘perfect alignment’ with my business and personal philosophies.  Individually, they and I are great; together however, we are a POWER HOUSE!"

- Stephen, Broker Associate RE/MAX

“The coaching has provided me with the tools and inspiration to become the most effective Realtor I can be regardless of the market conditions! It’s been a fabulous investment in my future!”

- Cam, Broker Associate Altera Real Estate

"I can finally see the big picture and stop working from deal to deal.  My bills are paid, my life is organized and I've picked up two income properties in the last 6 months..."

- Tom, Realtor, Coldwell Banker

"During the year we have spent in coaching I have completely revamped my life. My business doubled in one year - income as well as production..."

- Joanne, Realtor, Keller Williams

"I now respond from a position of confidence, power and presence of mind. I am experiencing the joy of being self-possessed. I never had that experience until we began our work together. My supply is unlimited. My goals are ever-growing and attainable. I know I can conquer all my personal and business challenges--and this tremendous change is due to your encouragement and wise and generous mentoring...."

- Gilda, Broker-Owner, Gilda Lewhan and Associates

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the incredible difference you have made in my life. The changes we have created together in my mindset and activities have resulted in immeasurable abundance for me and my family..."

- Bill, Altera Real Estate Broker Associate

"You saved our marriage.  We were on a collision course with divorce court before you were able to get us on the same page and working in our individual strengths in a complementary vs. competitive way.  Our business has grown in this tough market and more importantly we are happier than ever."

- Sean and Nancy, Realtors, Prudential

"The entire staff is honest and has a super work ethic. They take pride in whatever they do with the utmost of style and integrity. As a business coaches, they have increased my productivity and decreased my overhead through advanced coaching techniques and have offered creative solutions to my real estate challenges."

- Cheryl, Broker-Owner, Lynch and Associates

“The greatest benefit we have received is your the immense knowledge regarding the internet and marketing our business on it.  You are amazing as you continue to feed us the most up to date information on how to make our business grow.  Thank you for all the knowledge you have shared and for the motivation to keep going!”

- Dianna and Brian, Realtors, Coldwell Banker

"One of the greatest benefits from the coaching program is the realization that no matter the market, the best keep getting better, through study, education and planning. We are so blessed to have you.”

- Bart, RE/MAX Broker-Owner

"Recently with the birth of my second child, you helped me to keep focused and keep it simple so that I can still work and not feel so overwhelmed.  Your inspiration keep me moving forward which is the direction I need to keep moving in!"

- Erika, Broker Associate Altera Real Estate

"You make every effort to understand me and work with my strengths to maximize my business. The coaching program has helped expand my thinking on our industry and understand the changes that are taking place; it keeps me on the cutting edge!"

- Linda, Broker Associate Altera Real Estate

"You have given me the courage to go from mere inspiration to implementation which has resulted in radical transformation!"  

- Sasha, Realtor, Coldwell Banker

"You changed my entire paradigm from working on my weaknesses to excelling with my strengths.  Even over the down years, my business was exploding!"

- Troy, Broker Associate RE/MAX

"You have taught me how to look at my business as a business and build it to be profitable, predictable and stable.  I just got back from a 6 week trip - without my phone - and my business is still growing and thriving!  I would have never even conceived it as possible before we met; much less translated it into reality."    

- Gary, Realtor and Rainmaker, RE/MAX

"You are excellent and I have received reams of ideas to keep me going, going and going!"

- Leslie, Realtor and Team Member, RE/MAX

"You have given me a step-by-step program, geared to my business, to implement, change and enhance my professional and personal life..."

- Lisa, Realtor, Realty Executives

"I love your business analysis tools and spreadsheets.  You gave me a very detailed visual picture of where my business is and what I need to do to raise my net."

- Mike, Realtor, Keller Williams

"I really appreciate all the insight and encouragement of your program.  Where most talk in platitudes, you walk in openness and transparency.  You are a fantastic coaches, consultants and motivators!"

- Tracy, Realtor, Prudential

"I love that with your coaching it's not just about me, but about everyone around me.  You have been so generous with your coaching and tools to work with everyone on my team as well as taking the time to talk to my son for unending hours through a very difficult time..."

- Lori, Coldwell Banker, Broker Associate

"Rather than analyzing ‘what to do' or ‘how to do' we actually spend time on the drivers and pre-dispositions that cause predictable end results - very applicable to our current process of building a real estate business from just having a real estate career.  I love your coaching!"

- Scott, Altera Real Estate, Broker Associate

"You walk your walk and have helped us in every area of our lives - in business and financial as well as in the personal and with our faith."

- Dave and Katie, Realtors, Prudential

"By helping us specialize our income has tripled in roughly ½ of the time of weekly effort.  Because of your help we travel 6 times a year and work a max of 30 hours a week!"

- Phil and Marcia, RE/MAX Broker Associates and Team Leaders

"I am sooo excited about our new image and marketing package!  You held our hand and worked with our designer through the entire process of market analysis, branding, placement, until we got RESULTS!  You are awesome!"

- Mary-Ann, RE/MAX Broker Associate

"Thank you for your help in our team re-structuring.  You took the time to help us interview new candidates, set-up the back-office systems and procedures and increase our net ratios from 35 to 84%.  You have made a $400,000 difference in our business in the last 6 months alone."

- Jordan, RE/MAX Broker Associate and Team Leader

"Since we re-worked my listing presentation, my closing ratio is up from 52 to 96%!"

- Leslie, Realtor, Exit Realty

"You take tools and resources that are naturally geared towards executives and business owners and coupling them with your real estate background makes everything else I've seen in real estate coaching (and I have paid for quite a few of them) look like kindergarten."

- Jerry, Altera Real Estate Broker Associate

"I have learned that this is a business and needs to be treated as such.  I have become deliberate instead of haphazard in all aspects and approaches to my business and it has made a tremendous difference."

- Jennifer, Realtor, Keller Williams

"Creative, dynamic and charismatic best describe the multiple assets that you present to all those who meet and work with you. You are passionate about training, enthusiastic when you speak and possesses a myriad of skills that define you as one of the best Management Coaches in the Industry."

- Carla, Senior Sales Representative, Title Insurance Industry

"I've worked with you through some connections at RE/MAX, and I can say for certain that you know your stuff. I know many of the agents that you have coached, and most of them have benefited greatly from his leadership. I'd recommend RE Business Advisors services anytime to any real estate professional."

- Justin, Director of Coaching, Real Estate Tomato


"Before starting our Real Estate practice, Todd and I were in the sales training industry for a combined 20 years. After working with you for over a year, we can easily say you are the best coaches, mentors and trainers we have ever had the fortune to work with. Based on the advice, strategies and skills learned from you, we were able to double our production over last year. The best thing is that you don't provide a "cookie-cutter" solution. You understand that each agent must develop their own unique strategic vision and has helped us develop a business plan custom fit for our goals. The next best thing is that you are in tune with today's consumer and doesn't teach old, outdated "selling scripts" that never worked well to begin with. Instead, you provide agents the edge we need to connect with the tech savvy and service demanding customer that exists today. Thank you - you are the best we know at what you do."

- Nancy, CPA, RE/MAX Agent and Team Leader


"As an 18 year IT executive with a global pharmaceutical company, I know a world class coach of any kind, when I see one. You know your craft to be sure, the technical information, people skills and the negotiating dynamics of a deal. You are extremely well versed in the arts of business management, leadership, and team building, and are an "out-of-the-box" thinker, in all areas. I always learn something in every conversation in which we engage. However, I believe your most shinning talent, is your ability to convey life wisdom. Not just by way of the treasure trove of information you have amassed, but, in a personal, grounded, experienced, and knowing way. Your ability to correctly feel who a person is, and to use his own experience to "walk a mile in their shoes", is especially keen. In a world full of posers, you are the genuine article. I am proud to call you my mentor, my coach and  my friend."

-Tony Dove, Principle, AnaheimHillsOnline.com


"Your energy and enthusiasm were contagious to everyone who had the pleasure of working with you. Together we were able to design and build many business processes that defined the companies standard for coaching, recruiting and retention. Your passion for your work was key to the dynamic leadership of these initiatives."

- Colin, Director of Technology, RE/MAX